Welcome to BADGE, Bensalem Association Dedicated to Gifted Education.

We are a group of Parents, Teachers, and Educators working together as advocates for gifted students in Bensalem.  We are affiliated with PAGE, Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (an Affiliate Chapter of the National Association of Gifted).  

BADGE connects parents with each other, as well as with educators, administrators, and the School Board to:

  • Share our experiences and our knowledge

  • Discuss broad issues and help make the learning experience as rich and rewarding as possible

  • Provide information on legislation affecting gifted education so we can help to shape policy

  • Advocate for gifted students in Bensalem, both individually and as a group, as needed

We are committed to supporting our gifted students by assisting their parents/guardians in addressing their needs and partnering with our district to preserve the legacy of strong gifted education in our community.  

 Upcoming Meetings:

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Effective Strategies for Parenting Gifted Children and Adolescents

by Gail Post, Ph.D.

author of the "Gifted Challenges" blog - www.giftedchallenges.com 

 Meeting will begin at 7pm, at Shafer Middle School Library, 3333 Hulmeville Road, Bensalem PA 19020

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are tentatively scheduled at Shafer Middle School Library, 3333 Hulmeville Road, starting at 7 pm. 

Did You Know? - Parents may request their students to be evaluated for the gifted program in any grade, K-12. A student who does not qualify for the gifted program may be retested during another school year. Gifted students who chose NOT to participate in the middle grades gifted program MAY participate in the high school program.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant, and has forgotten the gift."   --- Albert Einstein

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