Sample Request for Evaluation Letter

Send a copy to your child’s principal and guidance counselor by hand delivery or US mail and keep a copy for own records. It is a good idea to email the letter, too.


Your address
Your preferred contact phone number
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Principal’s Name
School Name 
School Address

Dear principal’s name:

I am the parent of your child’s full name whose date of birth is month/day/year.  Your child’s first name is in grade the number in room number.  I suspect my child is gifted and not receiving an appropriate education in the regular classroom under Chapter 4.

I am requesting that the school district perform a full multidisciplinary evaluation to determine if my child is gifted (“GMDE”).  This is my written request as stated in Chapter 16, Section 16.22(c).  I understand that I am a member of my child’s gifted multidisciplinary team, and I wish to give input to the team.  Please let me know how I can participate in this process.

I look forward to the school district providing me, within 10 calendar days (excluding summer vacation) after receiving this letter, with a notice of my parental rights and a “Gifted Permission to Evaluate” form for me to sign.  Please be advised that I do not consent to a gifted screening process for my child except as part of the comprehensive gifted multidisciplinary evaluation in which I participate.  I understand that within 60 calendar days after the school district receives my signed Gifted Permission to Evaluate form the evaluation must be completed and a Gifted Written Report provided to me.

Please contact me if you require any further information. Thank you.


 Your name